Facing The Precipice

In 2008 the global economy crashed and the ripples quickly reached Clackmannanshire in the heart of Scotland.  Here we had already seen the coalfields close, the textile mills move and the busy harbour become a page in our history book.  The recession knocked at the very foundations of a challenged county and many of us felt the overwhelming wave of hopelessness begin to smother us.

The Scottish Government began a nationwide regeneration program and selected many of the most deprived towns throughout Scotland, Alloa was chosen.  There were many projects, £2.9m invested and having applied for several contracts on offer, I was awarded the Community Artist in Residency to support the transition.  As the project developed, a town centre venue was allocated and I began inviting groups, people from the streets and anyone willing to connect, it became a successful award winning project.  But a project has an end, a time the money runs out, the contract finishes and where are we then?  We have shared a moment, the ideas discussed, the skills developed and the optimism raised… but the doors close.  This short term rollercoaster of energy seems to leave you worse off than before, so what is the point of projects?!  Well, it made me angry, but I didn’t fully understand why, so I had to find answers… so off to the ‘field of facts’, I turned to Science.

I went on a quantum field theory weekend… the facts were in abundance, my understanding tested, but the food was really good! I came away with such a strong gut feeling that universal connectedness was stronger than our own society imposed limitations, I felt that if we took our own egos ‘out of the picture’ then positive energy would have the chance to work wonders… but that’s impossible, isn’t it?

A long session on Google provided me with the Brownian Motion and the Feynman Diagrams… what a revelation!  To me the randomness creates opportunity and when two things collide, something new is created, they felt just right… no more control and command, lets take risk and experiment and who knows what may happen… the idea for Resonate was born.

Angela Beardsley

This blog was created for the new website in 2018 from the beginnings of the journey in early 2010.